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Simiyu returns home for the first time.

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Ryan Mbatia



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The story

Born and bred in Japan, Simiyu Samurai moves to rural Kenya after his parents are killed in a tragic tsunami. Living with his grandmother and niece in the humble Bukuluku village, he is thrust into a world terrorized by an evil gang with political connections. When his grandmother’s livelihood is threatened, he is forced to act to protect the only family he has left. Using the martial Arts skills he acquired in Japan, Simiyu will attempt to bring down not only the gang, but the political establishment that support it.

Follow Simiyu Samurai on his journey to justice. vote on possible outcomes for the next episode. With your votes YOU determine what he does in the next episode. Support this project by contributing/donating to the production of the next episode. Kindly Share the series on your social networks or website and invite others to join and participate in the Simiyu Samurai experience.


About US

Simiyu Samurai is produced by the creative and dedicated team of X-Media Ltd(K), an audio-visual entertainment company based in Nairobi Kenya. Simiyu Samurai the Web series is as a direct response to the growing number of people across the globe using the internet as their key source of visual entertainment. In seeking to find a wider audience for stories that entertain and inspire, we at X-Media Ltd are committed to bringing you fresh, fun and entertaining stories that depart from the norm and embrace the universal ideals of truth & Justice.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Web Series is its unique open ended “vote for outcome“ options that allows you the audience to decide which direction the story should follow. In promoting this format, we at X-Media Ltd are showcasing a new income-generating format for Film Makers across the world by which they could earn much needed revenue for their projects.

We encourage you to Like, Share & Post the Web Series on your own web & Social media sites. What we value most is the opinion and feedback from you, our audience. Therefore please do not hesitate to let us know your views and opinions by contacting us directly at

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you all.

The Simiyu Samurai Team


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