WALTER BRUCE OPIYO is Clayton, the unscrupulous brother of the Local MP and Simiyu’s main rival. He is the typical Kenyan business-men who is adept at using his families political ties to wheel and deal everyone around him to get whatever he needs. Currently he runs Bukuluku Towns biggest hotel as well as an extortion ring of thugs who have their hand in a variety of businesses including the local Market.

Claytons Political Family affords him a lavish lifestyle where he enjoys the finer things in life. Whether he can afford to have them or not, he splashes handsomely on wine, women fast cars etc.

However with his brother’s re-election chances looking bleak, he sees this as his last chance to make some real money and no one will stand in his way.

His journey will see him come face to face with the consequences of his actions, but does his political clout and money have any sway in present day Kenya? Can he basically rob the village and use his political connections to avoid the consequences, or will Simiyu put an end to his seeming invincibility? Watch, follow and vote to influence and witness his rise or fall.


NAME: Walter Bruce Opiyo

Age: 29 yrs

Occupation: Bio-Technologist, Actor, Model, Recording Artist

Hobbies: traveling, basketball, cooking and working out.

Interests:Personal Development, crossing cultures, meeting new people, creative handy work (paintings, joinery, crafts), and reading for general info i.e. History and biographies of world shakers.

Music:Loves Neo Soul and Jazz for relaxation but Gospel music for spiritual nourishment. This influence can be felt in his own compositions though he delivers them in the style of Rap.

Movies: Comedies, Action movies (Esp. hand to hand combat style fights and Military style), Documentaries, Medical & Forensic Investigation series, and animations!

Bio: He loves the arts, and challenging his limits in anything he does. He is a recovering perfectionist and no one can push him harder than he can push himself.

Though playing the part of the antagonist, Walter is a warm, fun loving guy who loves a good joke and loves to have a good time, although his busy schedules don’t always allow him to.